GIONSON 1054 Built-in barbecue

With the Gionson BBQ 1054, we offer you a unique stainless steel gas grill with a sophisticated, sleek design. Treat family and friends with refined, tasty grilled dishes. The 8 powerful stainless steel burners with a total of 23.3kW/h power will heat up your food. With temperatures of up to 650°C on the grill surface and up to 400°C under the grill hood, new BBQ horizons open up. The lateral gas regulators can be operated comfortably and easily. Ignition is electric to start the grilling experience as easy as possible. Through the thermal monitoring you are on the safe side, if the flame does not burn, no gas flows out even with open gas regulators. The grates are made of stainless steel and conjure up an unmistakable grill pattern on your food. Escaping liquid is directed over the grates into the drip pan. With a few simple steps you can remove for cleaning, and on goes the pleasure.