This built-in grill will upgrade your summer experiences


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With the Gionson BBQ 1054, we offer you a unique stainless steel gas grill with a sophisticated, sleek design.

The barbecue trolley

It does not always have to be an outdoor kitchen. GIONSONBBQ offers with the stylish Grill Trolley also a comfortable alternative to an outdoor kitchen

Equipping your outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill


In the summertime, our homes grow larger. Once the air outside has become warm enough, windows and doors are opened permanently, the garden becomes and additional room of the house and many of the things we have done indoors in recent months now become outdoor activities. For many people, these activities include everything food-related and an outdoor kitchen is a source of pride and enjoyment for many home and garden owners. A built-in grill makes it easier to create the typical tastes and aromas of the summer for you and your guests. 


A built-in grill turns your garden into an haute cuisine venue

When people hear the word barbecue, they often already get the characteristic taste of grilled food in their mouths. While everyone likes that, preparing food on the grill is often associated with rather simple styles and tastes. However, those who have the right equipment and the culinary skills often can create true miracles with a barbecue set, preparing delicious food that stays in mind. In order to do so, reliable equipment is needed, such as a built-in grill with professional features.

Exploring the features of the Gionson built-in grill

The Gionson BBQ 1054 is a built-in grill designed to appeal to all senses. With its elegant design based on stainless steel, it is a delight to look at. And with the features and capabilities it comes with, it is sure to make mouths water, too. It is equipped with eight burners that will treat your food to the full barbecue power, rendering delicious results whether you grill meat, cheese or vegetables. The burners can produce temperatures of up to 650°C on the surface while also giving you complete control over the heat and the grilling process.

Safe fun with your built-in grill

For barbecues in general and particularly for equipment that comes with as much power as this built-in grill, safety is always an issue. The Gionson BBQ 1054 has been crafted with that notion in mind. The electric ignition eliminates one of the usual safety concerns and the integrated heat monitoring system ensures that no gas is flowing when none should be drawn. Furthermore, liquids and fats that may drip from the grilled food is safely caught and contained so that it cannot cause any threats when coming into contact with hot surfaces.

Your built-in grill operates in the most effective way


There are several possible ways to grill and every once in a while, barbecue enthusiasts can get into heated debates over which method is the preferable one. Your built-in grill for the outdoor kitchen is a gas-operated grill and by that, it combines many advantages. It is fully available at a moment’s notice, the heat supply can be steered and controlled at any time and it is much easier to clean than charcoal grills. And your Gionson grill can even create the characteristic barbecue patterns on grilled meat.


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