A built-in grill for outdoor areas to make summer nights even better


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With the Gionson BBQ 1054, we offer you a unique stainless steel gas grill with a sophisticated, sleek design.

The barbecue trolley

It does not always have to be an outdoor kitchen. GIONSONBBQ offers with the stylish Grill Trolley also a comfortable alternative to an outdoor kitchen

Completing perfect garden settings with a built-in grill for outdoors


Your home, your castle. For most people, decorating and equipping the living quarters is of very high significance. For one, this is the place where they retreat to and leave everything else behind, so it should be cozy and welcoming. It’s also a site that serves as something like a blank canvas for people to express their personal style and preferences. Once the interior is set up, that zeal extends to the garden. And there, a built-in grill for outdoor kitchens often becomes a special highlight.   


A well-appointed garden kitchen comes with a built-in grill for outdoor use


Fresh vegetables or prime meat skillfully seasoned and carefully prepared. Many people find great joy in culinary delights and in experimenting creatively in the kitchen. It gets even better when you get to do that in a kitchen unit on the patio or in your own garden. Those outdoor kitchens are a key ingredient to great evenings with friends and family. A built-in grill for outdoor use gives you the chance to unfold your kitchen skills to the fullest – and to the benefit of your guests.


A built-in grill for creative outdoor cooking

For many people, preparing food in barbecue style is the ultimate expression of leisurely eating. But for others, it is yet another way to express one’s cooking skills and to create meals that leave a lasting impression with their taste and quality. A built-in grill for outdoor use that burns on gas allows you to do both. A gas-powered barbecue is available instantly, it provides a healthier barbecuing option than charcoal grills and it gives you the best possible control over the cooking process, using both direct and indirect cooking methods.

Reliability is a major component for a built-in grill for outdoor use

When working with any kid of device that operates with high heat, safety and reliability are key criteria for making an informed purchasing decision. The Gionson BBQ 1054 is a built-in grill for outdoor use that has been crafted based on many years of experience in the field of cooking and grilling. It is manufactured from high-quality materials and following the principles and notions of traditional Swiss craftmanship. What you are getting here is a class product that will last for a long time and shows off its value every time you use it.     

The long-term advantages of a hand-crafted built-in grill for outdoor kitchens

Apart from the high quality you can expect when purchasing a built-in grill from a manufacturer based in Switzerland, you can also take advantage of further benefits. The quick delivery times that you enjoy when ordering your barbecue grill also apply in cases when you might need a spare part for it. The makers of the Gionson 1054, proud representatives of the Swiss craftmanship trade, will be able to supply you with all parts even many years down the road.   

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